There it was, packed to the very top. The “big truck”, the last one they give you before you move up to a legit semi trailer. “Nothing else,” said the exhausted movers, “whatever else is left will have to fit in the back of your pickup.” For real. How did we get from being able to fit our entire earthly life in the back of a Ford Focus to this? In 7 short years our life had literally exploded with stuff.

I’m a stay-at-home mom with 2 kids, age 4 and 19 months. My life revolves around our home. After all, it is my “office”. For all of you mamas (and dads!) like me, you know that it is a 24/7 (often thankless) job.

What I came to realize in the months since our big move is that maintaining our house has become the captain of my time. Not even cleaning, just picking up, organizing, putting away. I love being a mom, I always dreamed of this. But not like this. So I asked myself:

If I got my life in order…what then could I do with my time?

And I’m excited to finally answer that question. This blog is dedicated to my journey toward less and anywhere it takes us along the way. I hope you enjoy and can glean something valuable as you follow.