Our house, home

There are art supplies and paper clippings, dried glue globs and crayon wrappers all over my “formal” dining room.

There are legos, deflated balloons, dirt clods and crumbs under the ledge of my cabinets in our “newly remodeled” kitchen.

There are sippy cups and dirty underwear, pacifiers and baby wipes strewn around my “spacious” living room.

There are at least twenty newborn sized dirty diapers, 5 loads of clean unfolded laundry and bedsheets stained with spit-up in our master suite.

There are three swings blowing in the fierce spring wind of western Nebraska and one trampoline that inches closer to the fence with every big gust in our “park-like” back yard.

There are two kids playing house in the room painted pink and one baby nearing witching hour in my arms.

There is one tired momma in one of the two matching rocking chairs we bought when we were hoping, praying, to rock our own babies one day.

There is one happy couple in this “ranch style brick house with views of the monument” who woke up this morning, still tired, maybe grumpy, definitely in need of coffee who may or may not have realized they have everything they ever prayed for and more.


One year after purchasing our Nebraska house, I’m so happy we can call it home!


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