What would you do if you had the time?


One of my big motivators throughout this process has been to open some time in my schedule to pursue the things that are on my heart.

I felt so burdened by my job keeping house (and everything that goes along with it) that I honestly couldn’t see space for anything else. Because of this I became very protective of my time. People would approach me with opportunities and ideas and even though they were things I would have loved to do or needs I wanted to meet, the very thought of adding more to my plate sent my head spinning.

I thought if I made a weekly housekeeping schedule it would help break the work up into small, manageable chunks and would free up more time in my daily life. While it did guarantee I kept house that almost always was clean, it didn’t really reduce the amount of time per day I spent cleaning.

The thing is, once you create a clean environment, it’s kind of addicting. A routinely clean house means those little messes you once didn’t notice become eyesores. Although a cleaning schedule is a good thing, the truth is a house keeping schedule + a clutter filled house = constant maintenance. Add in a couple kiddos and it becomes a full-time job. The messes just follow you from room to room to room until your feet ache and the day is over.

I was so frustrated. The point of maintaining this schedule was to feel more free, not less! When my second child was born I knew something would have to change. What extra free time I had was now completely occupied by my son, and I was over spending so much time doing something I really didn’t like!

So I started exploring minimalism and how I could apply this concept to my home.

Having less stuff to maintain means I spend less time maintaining it. It’s rocket science, I know, but yet it never occurred to me that I didn’t have a cleaning problem I had a stuff problem.

There is no way to escape cleaning your house, but it goes so much faster when 2/3 of the time is not spent picking stuff up before you can even start cleaning. What used to take me most of my mornings now takes less than an hour and maintaining a clean house throughout the day is a breeze. One great perk is if we last minute decide to host someone for dinner or coffee or whatever, the house can literally be ready in minutes. Not letting a messy house get in the way of being hospitable has been so rewarding.

Yes, I am still a mom. Yes my kids still dominate my time (and I wouldn’t have it any other way). But by becoming more minimal I’ve found some time to add people and activities into my life that I love. Be careful to add only one thing at a time and wait a few weeks before adding another. Doing this will help to make sure you’re not getting too excited and headed straight for a burn-out!

If you didn’t have to spend so much time chasing your tail cleaning house, what would you do? What do you love? Who would you help? What would you volunteer for? The opportunities are endless and having a choice with your flex time is so freeing!

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