We already have everything we need (and didn’t know it).

I used to spend a lot of time thinking about stuff we needed to get. That new piece of furniture, upgraded TV, kitchen gadgets, clothes, boots, coats…

I’d start hunting for stuff online and in stores and I honestly enjoyed the search. It was kind of a hobby of mine. The only problem was, I didn’t really need most of it. Sure, I could come up with reasons why I thought we needed it at the time, but they were never really true needs. These seemingly innocent choices have cost us in the long run.

I’ve been spending so much time cleaning out my house that I’ve naturally started to think more about what I’m bringing back in. (Because I don’t want to turn around and haul it out any time soon). The physical act of decluttering has taught me to be more intentional, and this new found intentionality has had a direct effect on our budget.

Probably the most surprising thing I’ve learned during this process is: The more I toss the easier it is for me to see what we really need to keep or buy.

I typically pay bills and review the monthly budget for our household every Friday. I pull up our transactions online and compare them to our budget. Typically I weed through dozens of small debit card purchases between each Friday (while racking my brain to figure out what they were). The past couple of months have been dramatically different… with maybe five or six transactions a week. That’s all.

This was a side effect that I didn’t really think about when we started. I didn’t think we would naturally want to spend less. I mean, one of my motivating factors to start was to get rid of junk and buy the nice stuff! I feel like I’m finally getting some freedom from the grip acquiring new things has had on me. I’m still a work in progress, and will be for a very long time, but I’m starting to see things differently. I’m doing much better at admiring and appreciating the pretty stuff my friends have, or I see on TV or Instagram, rather than rushing out to find something similar for myself…only to prove, to no one in particular, that I am stylish.

Silhouette of Woman Rising into Heaven


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